Equipment renovation

In times of economic crisis and limited financing, it is not always possible to buy new equipment.

When the equipment does not cope with its tasks due to its deterioration or for other reasons, and there is no money to replace it, it may be possible to upgrade it through major repairs. This kind of work is quite efficient and requires less investment compared to buying new equipment.

How LLC «Novomontazh» can help you?

We carry out small, medium and major repairs of equipment of any level of complexity!

If necessary, we dismantle and install the equipment.

Equipment renovation works (industrial equipment restoration):

  • Repair and modernization of the mechanical part of the equipment.
  • Replacement / repair of power parts and automation systems.
  • Replacement / repair of parts and assemblies with wear or damage that are technically feasible and economically feasible.
  • Commissioning and delivery to the customer.

Restoration (renovation) of equipment with full or partial replacement of components, mechanical and electrical parts, which increases its reliability, productivity and increases the life of the equipment.

Why you need to choose exactly us?

LLC “Novomontazh” is looking for cooperation with industrial enterprises from all countries of the world:

  • we are ready to be your representatives in the territory of Ukraine, Belarus or the countries of Eastern Europe;
  • ready to carry out the installation of your equipment (we have extensive experience of installation work with German, Italian, Czech, Polish companies) – both installation supervision and our works;
  • are ready to carry out dismantling and installation works in the territory of the European Union;
  • ready to be the production site for the production of various equipment following your drawings or joint development;
  • repair and upgrade old equipment;
  • we will represent interests of your company on service of technological lines or equipment;we carry out current service and current or urgent repair works;

For more information, please leave your contact details or call us at the numbers listed on our site.

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