Company LLC «NOVOMONTAZH» carries out works on dismantling of metal structures and equipment with its full preservation for further operation at the new site.


If you need to transport an enterprise or factory, the question is – how to move heavy equipment and structures? Industrial dismantling requires considerable effort and its organization must be consulted by competent specialists.


Why you need to choose exactly us?

  • Free estimation of terms and cost of works
  • A detailed step-by-step plan for the
    dismantling of metal structures and equipment is made before the work begins.
  • Units undergoing integrity checks by the
    customer (Customer unit integrity checks).

Our company has been working in this field for
over 10 years. Employees of LLC «NOVOMONTAZH» have completed a number of
projects on installation and dismantling works for the following enterprises:

  • LLC «Kronospan UA» (Ukraine, Volyn region,
  • FLLC «Kronoshpan» (Belarus, Smorgon),
  • FLLC «Kronospan OSB» (Belarus, Mogilev),
  • JSC «Novovolynsk Foundry» (Ukraine, Volyn
    region, Novovolynsk),
  • LLC «Promlit» (Ukraine, Volyn region,
  • LLC «Horstal» (Ukraine, Volyn region,
  • LLC  «Betonika»
    (Ukraine, Lviv region, Novoyavorivsk),
  • Enterprises Group «Pan Kurchak»,
  • JSC «Crimean Generation Systems» (Shchelkino,
  • OJSC «Novovolynsk Bakery» (Ukraine, Volyn
    Region, Novovolynsk),
  • OJSC «Pavlivka brewery», OJSC «Yodanka» and many others.

We have all the necessary skills to perform the tasks properly. Make a call back, leave an order, or call us.


Stages of dismantling work:

  • Preparatory stage, which involves isolation of special equipment from communication lines and other units.
  • Partial or complete disassembly of equipment, packaging of elements and parts.
  • Transportation
  • Installation and installation of equipment at the new site.

The cost of each order is estimated individually - after a detailed analysis of the order.