Installation of metal structures

LLC "NOVOMONTAZH" Carries out installation of metal structures throughout Ukraine, as well as in some countries of Europe.

Metal structures are an integral part of the construction of objects of various types, be it industrial buildings, trade pavilions or any other buildings. This method of erection is used everywhere because it requires less material and time consuming than other technologies.

We offer a professional service that complies with all European standards, so that the objects built by our experts in quality and service life are well ahead of competitors.

Stages of installation of metal structures

The order of work is determined by the type of object. Stationary pavilions and buildings require methods of preparation and installation other than portable and temporary structures. Lightweight and portable hangars usually do not require a foundation – they are mounted on special concrete, soil or asphalt sites.

Main stages of erection of metal structures:

·         Development of installation, design (documentation);

·         Transportation of materials to the construction site;

·         Construction site equipment;

·         Acceptance of the foundation (if it provides documentation);

·         Installation of main columns;

·         Lifting of structural elements (floors, beams, etc.);

·         Welding and installation work;

·         Roofing and wall paneling.

The cost of each order is estimated individually – after a detailed analysis of the order.

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