• Novomontag LLC is a manufacturing and installation company. We take orders for the design, manufacture, manufacture with installation, and installation of metal structures and equipment.

    Our company have

    • production area of 2500 m2. located in Novovolynsk and Lviv;
    • equipment: plasma cutting, CNC bending machine, rollers, milling and turning machines;
    • fitter crews of various specializations – fitters of metal structures, fitters of equipment, locksmiths, welders.
    • special equipment: cranes 18t., 25t., 40t; telescopic  tower 28 m; Forklift type Manitou -3.2t.
    • have a building license and other permit and documents.

    The total staff of the enterprise is 80 people.

    2007 – foundation and first order for the manufacture of 35 tons of various stillage.

    2008 – Opening of our own production work shop.

    2010 – foundation of LLC Novomontag

    2011 – first work abroad.

    2012 – 2013 work experience at a 600kW wind farm.

    Our largest customer is the Kronospan group with which we have cooperated  in Ukraine and abroad.

    Completed projects of Novomontag LLC at the plants of the Kronospan group:

    1. Installation work on the MDF-1 line at the plant in Belarus, Smorgon. Start of work on the forming line, then continuation on the press line and, later, all parts after the press. Subcontracting with a Czech company (2013-2014 p.)
    2. Development of drawings, manufacture, supply, dismantle of old and installation of new tanks with pushers for the boiler line PB line and MDF-1 at the plant in Belarus, Smorgon (2014-2018).
    3. Production, supply and installation of hot gas ducts on the MDF-2 line in Belarus, Smorgon. The total weight of the ducts are 160t (2017-2018).
    4. Dismantling the lamination line KT-1 at the plant in Novovolynsk (2017).
    5. Installation works at the factory in Belarus, Smorgon on different sites with a total weight of about 800 tons (2017-2018):
      • construction of mooving floors
      • chain, belt and bucket conveyors
      • installation all equipment from the press to the end of the MDF-2 line
      • installation bunkers, structures, energy bridge on the MDF-2 press
      1. Installation work at the factory in Belarus, Mogilev (2014-2016):
      • modifications on a chipper acording to the contract of the company Holtec (Germany)
      • modifications on the press acording to the contract by Dieffenbacher (Germany)
      • installation of conveyors acording to the contract firm Trasmec (Italy)
      • installation work at the energy bridge for the press
      • many other installation works
      1. Installation and repair work, manufacture conveyors, metal structures, tables, parts of lines, design work and various modernization works at the Kronospan plant in Novovolynsk (2007-2020)
      2. Installation boiler with Barsey Kazan with a capacity of 45 mW for the OSB line at the plant in Novovolynsk. The total weight of equipment and structures are 1100 tons, of which we have made 100 ton in our work shop. Novomontag LLC is the general contractor of Bersey (Turkey) (2019-2020).
      3. Installation of drying-2 for the chipboard line at the plant in Novovolynsk (2019-2020) The total weight of the equipment and construction is 1200 tons. Novomontag LLC general contractor of the Instalmac company (Italy)

      Our customers: LLC Kronospan UA (Ukraine, Volyn Region, Novovolynsk), LLC Kronoshpan (Belarus, Smorgon), LLC Kronoshpan OSB (Belarus, Mogilev), CJSC Novovolynsky Foundry “(Ukraine, Volyn region., Novovolynsk), Promlit LLC (Ukraine, Volyn region, Novovolynsk), Gorstal LLC (Ukraine, Volyn region, Gorokhov), Betonik LLC ( Ukraine, Lviv region, Novoyavorovsk), an enterprise of the Pan Kurchak group, CJSC Crimean Generating Systems (Shchelkino, Crimea), Novovolynsky Bread-Baking Plant (Ukraine, Volyn Region, Novovolynsk), OJSC Pivsky Brewery, OAO Yodanka and many others.

      Best regards.

       Chaban Andriy Director of Novomonta LLC